Bucharest, Romania

The importance of Community

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The importance of Community

We are surrounded by communities, places we hang, where we like to be and spend time with.

Communities are the core of our evolution, as the saying, “tell me who you spend time with to tell you who you are”. It’s quite important to spend time with people from whom you are able to constantly learn things. What I’m trying to create here is a community where each and every one of us has someone to learn from, to auto motivate themselves to do better. Integrating in such a community will always have a great impact in the way you progress into your life. I’m not saying you can’t do something on your own, by the contrary, everyone has this in them, but what I’m trying to say is that it would be easier to be assisted withing your journey. Think of it as this, going to school and learn in a community, and the difference in doing the same thing on your own. You would lack that motivation of doing it over and over again. Interacting with someone else regardless if on the same subject or something else, the key point is to snap out for recreation and avoiding monotony.

So with this in mind, let’s get started and try our best to create a pleasant way of getting things done.


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