Bucharest, Romania

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The number one reason why people fail in their online start-up is action! Get that out of your way and take your hobby online to start making a profit by doing what you like doing most.

Who am I? Good question! Who am I?

I am Cristian Braicu, born on the 4th of August 1988 in a small town from a small country and the rest is history, until middle of 2006.

What happened then is I came across a website which was offering information on how to make money on the internet. Since I wasn’t doing very well financially I thought a try will not hurt me at all. To be honest I can’t remember anything about that website, name, owner hence I did not learned very much out of it, but it introduced me to a whole new world. A world of Internet Marketing, a world where you can have all the wealth and freedom you need to live a happy and joyful life. And you can do it all even at zero cost. I mean this really blows me miles away. You can do it anywhere in the world with a PC and internet connection. You don’t even need your own PC to start with, an Internet Cafe will do the job. I mean how crazy is that? With all the technology and services you can benefit from our days, there are literally unlimited potentials.

I quickly started researching everything I could about Internet Marketing and found out many different types of Internet Marketing. So I started to read and learn hundreds of different types of making money online (very BIG mistake). I knew (still know) so many that I ended using none of them because I was trying to use them all at once. I was constantly reading new ways of making money online because I needed to know everything. I spent lots of money buying different products, learning, using and developing products of my own. I started building multiple products at once, dividing my focus and concentration in many different parts (big mistake as well). Products I never released because I was waiting thinking “how can I improve it” until some Guru showed up and released a product extremely similar to what I was creating. “Was he stealing my work or idea?” Absolutely not! He was just faster. We are over 6 billion people on this planet and there are lots of possibilities where 2 or more people from 2 or more different continents come up with a similar or identical idea. I was always waiting for the right moment to launch a product, I was waiting and trying to improve the product before I even knew what I needed to improve. Have I learned something? I sure did learned plenty of things out of this, but the most important thing I learned is, as someone said, “A bad plan released today is much more better than a great plan released tomorrow!” I learned from my mistakes and I learned from the mistakes of others.

So do I regret anything? Funny thing but I don’t! Sure I could have saved lots of time and money. I could be living the lifestyle I desire but I’m sure I learned things I would have never learned other way. Life teaches you things and provides you shortcuts but there are things you have to live, feel, see, touch in order to get the big picture.