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Hello world!

When ordinary is brilliant

Hello world!

This is the first post from the new era! What you’ll find here will mostly be inspirational posts in order to increase motivation for all of you guys who need something to hold on to in order to avoid doing what most people do, quit! I’ll try my best to implement everything in such order to quickly boost your desire for success.

I always get the question or remark: “If it’s that easy, everyone would do it!” And I always like to answer truthfully: “It is that easy!”

Not everyone is doing it because of 2 factors:

1. They quit prematurely! – people design a website put up 2-3 posts and complain everywhere that this is not working (while 1% of the others make millions doing it)

2. They don’t take the risk! – there’s a need of a certain level of craziness in being successful. Set a high goal, have a vision and be able to cope with every negative conversation with narrow minded people. Believe in yourself when no one else does! It’s all you’ve got!

I’ll leave you know to ponder upon the above with one of my favorite motivational videos, enjoy:

Have a good night sleep and start doing something first thing tomorrow!


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